Thursday, August 13, 2020
Meet the Crew

Hillman the Hunter

Hillman is the star of his very own mystery style TV Show. 

As the Boss Hillman is always right even when he is wrong.

Some people think Hillman isn't the sharpest tack in the box but nothing will keep Hillman from the truth. Even if he solves the mystery by accident, Hillman will get to the bottom of any problem.

Jerry Can

If anyone can Jerry Can

Jerry is the film crew portion of “The Going Bananas Show” two man team. Hillman refers to him as a One Man Film Crew, but little does Hillman know just how skilled Jerry is. He may be the camera man but that’s not all. Just wait to see what else he can do.


Jungle Girl

Raised in the jungle by monkey this is one girl you want to keep an eye on. She is a little bit cheeky and very strong, after all, she spends her days swinging in the trees and having fun. Just watch what Hillman asks her to do. She is strong and fearless so of course she is going to do it no matter how dangerous and far fetched Hillman's request is.

The Mysterious Magician

The Mysterious Magician is famous magician and a hard working entertainer but at times he likes to get away from it all and hide out in the bush. Away from the bright lights of the big city he comes to his secret hideaway in the bush to practice new tricks and big illusions, getting them ready for his next big show. Who knows what we might see if we happen upon his hideaway.

The Lovely Assistant

This is not only a magician’s assistant but she is also very lovely as you’d expect her to be. She enjoys escaping the hustle and bustle of the big city at the Mysterious Magicians hideaway where she gets well earned rest and relaxation without the stress of performing three times a day. Just wait till you see what this duo can do.

The Great Gorilla

This is no ordinary gorilla, this is the one, the only “The Great Gorilla.” He is one of the Mysterious Magician's performing animals. He is so good the magician is training him to be the star act. Just wait to see what this Gorilla does next.

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