Wednesday, September 23, 2020
Information for Parents

Hi. If you have been lucky enough to be selected to attend this year’s Going Bananas Show then please ensure that you do attend as a full venue creates a magical environment for all the children attending. If you have for some reason not received enough tickets for the show please fill out the ticket request form and we will endeavor to get more to you before the event.

Our Going Bananas stage show is provided in a safe environment and our production team will do our best to ensure that the content is all suitable for children between 5 and 15 years old. We try to ensure that all venues we hold the show in have wheelchair access, but if you are unsure it may be best to check the venue to  make sure there is. If you do have a wheelchair please arrive early to allow plenty of time to be seated and the production team will assist you in getting comfortable.

Prizes and Giveaways

Some of the friendly businesses in the communities provide our team with fantastic prizes to give away on the night.  These can range from nice vouchers to accommodation, meals and great giveaways for the parents but you have to be there on the night to take part in the chance to WIN!!!!.

Our Sponsors
More Information

Why did you get tickets?

This show has been sponsored by many businesses in the communities where the Going Bananas Show is coming to. Also, some national businesses have sponsored the National Show Tour. All of this has been done to provide your family with the opportunity to see a fantastic show. Your family has been selected by an organization or school that knows you and believes your family will really enjoy the chance to see the show, and they wanted to give you all something a little bit special.

Even though you have received these tickets free of charge, that in no way means that the Going Bananas Show you are about to attend is a small budget production. We work on providing fresh performers every year and you may even recognize some of the actors in the productions.   

Thank the business that made this happen.

Please give some recognition to the Sponsors, if it wasn’t for them this opportunity wouldn’t happen.  If either you or your child could send a nice little message to the sponsor’s name on the back of the ticket it will be appreciated. If there is no sponsors name on your ticket, then simply use our thank the sponsor option and send it to us and we will send it on for you.

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