Wednesday, September 23, 2020
The Going Bananas Show

The Going Bananas Show is a stage show that comes to a town near you every year.  This is a series of shows based around two lead characters. Follow them each year as they face new adventures in wonderful far away places. The Going Bananas Show strives to bring back the magic of live theatre to regional towns and cities. 

Watch the magic in the eyes of the audience light up as they experience something that only a live stage show can bring. We work with hundreds of special needs organisations, that in turn deal with a wide range of children, to select the families that will get the opportunity to attend the show. Generally the children have learning, social, physical, medical or mental ailments. 

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Follow the two men that make up the Going Bananas crew.

The crew consists of two main characters. Hillman the Hunter, a well intentioned, not so smart, documentary maker who is followed by his one man film crew, Jerry Can. His name says it all. If anyone can, Jerry can.

Together they find themselves in all sorts of crazy situations where something has happened and they solve the problem and save the day.  This creates the saga that is The Going Bananas Show.

Along the way Hillman and Jerry come across all sorts or characters in all sorts of locations from the jungle to tropical islands. Where they will end up is anyones guess.

The Going Bananas Show is a circus style variety show with a twist. Watch as circus meets stage and the resulting chaos is split into a series of amazing shows. Which one will you go to see?

The Search for the Banana Thief The Tropical Misadventure Kaos in the Caribbean

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