Welcome to the Going Bananas show!

Watch as the mystery unfolds on stage before your very eyes


The Going Bananas Show welcomes our new show - The Great Kiwi Circus in 2022. Grounded by our fantastically funny Ring Master and presenting different circus acts that will change each year.


Going Bananas Show Brings the Magic of a Live Circus Show

The Going Bananas Show strives to bring back the magic of a live show to regional towns and cities, and watch the magic in the eyes of the audience light up as they experience something that only a live stage show can bring.

This year we would like to welcome our new show - The Great Kiwi Circus - A fun packed 90-minute show to suit special needs and disadvantaged children in the community but we want to bring the thrill and excitement of the circus on to stages all over New Zealand.

2022 SHOW

The Great Kiwi Circus is Coming to a Stage Near You across 26 New Zealand towns and cities.

tickets each year

We have been supporting the Brain Injured Children Trust for over 8 years

The Brain Injured Children Trust operates on the belief that scientific evidence demonstrates an enormous capacity for recovery of dormant cells exists in the human brain after a brain injury. We encourage this recovery through our vision: ‘To Inspire Brain Injured Children And Their Families Living In Our Community’ Achieve Results Life Dreams

Our members have shown positive proven results using Neuro-Developmental Therapy and other physical and mental activities. We are very excited about their future and see their community inclusion as a benefit to all. The trust provides financial contributions towards Neuro-Developmental Therapy Advice; Resources & Equipment; Educational/Technical Requirements; Mobility Assistive Equipment; Crisis Support; Sporting/Recreational Needs and Support of Parents/Caregivers. These needs are comprehensive and ongoing, most well beyond the families financial means.

It is every good parent’s wish to see their child reach their full potential, whatever that may be, and it is no different for those with a brain injured child.

Thanks to our main supporters