2021- Search for the Banana Thief

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Hillman the Hunter

Hillman is the star of his very own mystery style TV Show.

As the Boss Hillman is always right even when he is wrong.

Some people think Hillman isn't the sharpest tack in the box but nothing will keep Hillman from the truth. Even if he solves the mystery by accident, Hillman will get to the bottom of any problem.

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Jerry Can

If anyone can Jerry Can

Jerry is the film crew portion of “The Going Bananas Show” two man team. Hillman refers to him as a One Man Film Crew, but little does Hillman know just how skilled Jerry is. He may be the camera man but that’s not all. Just wait to see what else he can do.

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Captain Rodger

As captain of The Jolly Rodger, Captain Rodger has a lot to remember. Its no wonder he forgets things every now and then but this time he has forgotten the most important thing of all - "Where is His Treasure" – Let’s hope The Going Bananas Show crew can save the day.

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Pirate Peter

As a part of the rag tag pirate crew of The Jolly Rodger, Pirate Peter is trying to climb to the top of the heap and be the first mate. We are not sure if he'll become the first mate but i'm sure he'll be at the top in no time.

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Pirate Petra

The fairest of the them all and the only female pirate to sail on The Jolly Rodger, Pirate Petra works hard and basically gets thrown into the work yet still manages to find time to smile and get the job done.