2022 - The Tropical Misadventure

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Hillman the Hunter

Hillman is the star of his very own mystery style TV Show.

As the Boss Hillman is always right even when he is wrong.

Some people think Hillman isn't the sharpest tack in the box but nothing will keep Hillman from the truth. Even if he solves the mystery by accident, Hillman will get to the bottom of any problem.

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Jerry Can

If anyone can Jerry Can

Jerry is the film crew portion of “The Going Bananas Show” two man team. Hillman refers to him as a One Man Film Crew, but little does Hillman know just how skilled Jerry is. He may be the camera man but that’s not all. Just wait to see what else he can do.

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Master Magician

When magic is your life you know you’re going to be good at it. This master magician has been doing magic long before he could walk. At an early age he started to perform for his family and friends and soon he become well renowned and high in demand all over the world. We will see him as the headline act for “The Summer Beach Bash” Just wait till you see what this master magician will do.

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The Amazing Assistant

This assistant is so talented, not only is she beautiful but she is able to follow directions to help the magician with his tricks and illusions, But this assistant aspires for bigger things with every show she saves her money with dreams much bigger than anyone could imagine. Who knows what she aspires to be.

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Betty Hoop

Some would say Betty is a little obsessed with not just life but anything circular her obsession has been around all her life and nothing has stood in her way to be the master of the hoop with such a fascination for hoops the call to perform soon overcame her and she left home for the bright lights of the circus ring.

As far as Betty is concerned the world circular, colourful and revolve around her.

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Bjorn Tubalance

Bjorn was raised in highland of Sweden. At a young age Bjorn suffered from an early onset inner ear infection which rendered him unable to walk in a straight line. After years of walking in circles and not being able to stand up straight, Bjorn was able to get treatment and overcome his disorder.

Bjorn has since gone on to be the king of the balance board and anything to do with the art of balance. Bjorn is now performing worldwide and wowing audiences near and far. Bjorn is amazing to watch and inspiring to be around. Don’t miss out on seeing this amazing act.

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The Villain

With an overwhelming urge to be the biggest star of the show one of the existing cast of The Summer Beach Bash has gone rouge and seems to be willing to do anything and everything to become the biggest star.

The biggest question is who is behind the cloak?